The Uncover YOU podcast

Ep 74: The embodied art of letting go

November 30, 2022 Eva Beronius Season 1 Episode 74
The Uncover YOU podcast
Ep 74: The embodied art of letting go
Show Notes

Death/Rebirth process in December: Strips you of a current iteration, belief or pattern you want to let go of. Makes you a better Artist of your Life. Join BEING ME mini here.

Once you've awakened from the old dream that was dreaming you (your old program of conditioning, the Matrix you were trapped inside...), you're now the Artist. The Artist is the one who can create the dream, the life, they want. As the Artist of your life (as the Toltecs call it) you have stepped into an ongoing process of re-inventing yourself. You dream, you create, you take action, you nurture your creation, you refine, and then you let parts of your creation and iterations of yourself die to leave room for new.

The circle of life.

Moving through transformation after transformation, while YOU, at the core, also remain still. Unchanged. The unchanging essence of consciousness as the ever-changing expression of life in the form of a human. When this realization - the unchanging and the ever-changing - is felt, there's less attachment to the current created iteration of yourself.

The Artist needs to get skilled at dying, at letting go. And skilled at meeting with fears connected with dying, and shifting old associations with the idea of Death.

The mind, however, has been used to create attachments and clings to identification. If you’ve been identified with your mind for a long time, it’s likely you believe it’s you speaking when it says “I don’t know how to let go!”.

It’s probably true, that the mind doesn’t know. Letting go is a natural state of things. It’s not a doing, but a being. Do you need to DO dying? No, you let it happen. (While your ego mind might fight and try to resist it…)

In this week’s episode of the Uncover YOU podcast, you’re invited into the world of embodied letting go.

Because that’s what I find way more helpful than trying to explain to the mind how to let go.

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