The Uncover YOU podcast

Ep 55: Understand the fear-based mind to choose love (4/5)

July 20, 2022 Eva Beronius Season 1 Episode 55
The Uncover YOU podcast
Ep 55: Understand the fear-based mind to choose love (4/5)
Show Notes

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In five episodes of the Uncover YOU podcast we’re putting one of the most powerful principles for transformation to work: to turn towards that which we want to change. Instead of running from our minds, we’re going to look closely at the fear-based dream that has snuck in. More than that, we’re going to have a conversation with the Devil himself, hiding in any mind that is run by fear.

You can follow along by reading the book Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill, and then listen to each of the episodes where I’m connecting it with the self mastery work and giving your journal prompts to apply the insights from the book to your own process.

In episode four of this series, we continue to learn about the ways of the Devil.

Without holding back, he tells us all about the bribes he uses to appease our ego.

Things like flattery, power, food, and sex, that might seem nice but easily has us go into identification with the ego-mind.

Believing we’re separate from, better than, or less than others.

That we need to gain power, success or good looks to matter.

Once in our ego-minds, it’s easy for the Devil to use the law of Hypnotic Rhythm to have us completely operating under his reign.

The law of Hypnotic Rhythm is, according to the Devil, as natural as gravity.

It’s how seasons shift, how the Earth circles the Sun, and why we find it so hard to get out of bad habits.

The Devil simply uses this law in his favor.

Which means you can as well.