The Uncover YOU podcast

Ep 51: The energetics behind self-healing

May 19, 2022 Eva Beronius Season 1 Episode 51
The Uncover YOU podcast
Ep 51: The energetics behind self-healing
Show Notes

Sometimes people that are interested in doing work with me reach out and ask: “Do you also do healing?”. After making it clear what they mean by that I often end up responding “Yes. But I’d much rather teach you how to do it for yourself”.

You are the medicine. You’re born into this world as a bundle of pure aliveness. When you’ve had your energy tangled up in fear-based belief systems - personal and collective - you’re drained of life force. Learning to re-connect with it, feel it and fill yourself with it, allows you to align with integrity.

In this new episode of the Uncover YOU podcast, we zoom out from last week’s episode on sexual energy and talk about the bigger problem of our disconnection from life force. And how you really start healing when it starts to move through you again.

You find show notes in this post on my website.

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