The Uncover YOU podcast

Ep 50: Alchemize your sexual energy to feel alive

May 11, 2022 Eva Beronius Season 1 Episode 50
The Uncover YOU podcast
Ep 50: Alchemize your sexual energy to feel alive
Show Notes

Our sexual energy is an often deeply misunderstood force. Our relationship to it often gets embodied in one of two ways. Either as an addiction to act on certain habits and release the energy, leaving us depleted of the life force we accumulated. Or suppressed or lost touch with, leaving us dried up and with little access to life force.

Sexual energy is not just about having sex. We live in an orgasmic universe. It’s how life is created every second, how flowers bloom and good ideas are born. Human conditioning and social and cultural structures have made it into the narrow definition of intercourse and orgasm. You can actually be a deeply sexual person without having sex, in the traditional meaning of the word.

In this new episode of the Uncover YOU podcast, we start pulling apart the associations you’ve made with sexual energy and explore the energy itself and how you can use it to feel more alive.

You find show notes in this post on my website.

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